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HAMAD Slime Chef Banana Flavour Slime With Charm (150ML)Soft, Safe & Non Sticky Perfect Slime for Party Favors & Stress Relief Toys for Girls & Boys Fluffy Slime With Charms For Gifts


Smile with Slime:

Experience the perfect balance of softness, smoothness, and stretchiness with our slime. Soothe stress, boost productivity, and fill your playtime with scented, non-sticky joy!

Time to Relax:

Our squishy, non-sticky slime kit comes adorned with cute decorations, eliminating worries about cleaning carpets, furniture, and clothes. Let your kids’ creativity flourish without the mess!

Add Fun to Learning:

Unlike others on the market, our affordable slime is free of chemical odours, enhancing your kids’ learning through fine motor skill activities. With a plethora of slime charms available, the possibilities are endless!

Be Present in the Moment:

Our slime fluffy easy storage container set engages all four senses, ensuring the slime stays soft and enjoyable. Spend quality time with your little artist and cherish every moment.

Perfect Idea for Gifts:

Our slime is the ultimate choice for party favours, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year, and holiday presents. Watch as kids delight in creating and sharing their slime masterpieces, making every occasion memorable and entertaining.

Product Description

Discover the magic of our non-sticky 150 ml slime scoop, designed to develop your child’s sense of colour while providing hours of entertainment. Engage your child’s coordination skills as they manipulate the slime with their hands, refining their hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities. We are also offering lovely charms with slime for Banana Lovers! These delightful charms are the perfect addition to our slime kit, adding an extra element of fun and whimsy for kids who adore bananas. From decorating their slime creations to trading charms with friends, the possibilities for creative play are endless with these adorable additions.The tactile experience of stretching, shaping, and moulding the slime encourages concentration and focus, stimulating their brain and fostering cognitive development. Join us in creating moments of wonder, discovery, and laughter with our non-sticky slime kit. Let your child’s imagination soar as they explore the colourful, squishy world of slime, where learning and fun go hand in hand.

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