DIY Scented Slime Creations with Hamad

best scented slime
best scented slime

As you, the followers of this youngest slime chef in the world, are aware slime is a squishy and stretchy substance that can be molded and manipulated into different forms. It is indeed a play material that has its popularity among kids as well as adults. It is usually made from glue and a slime activator such as liquid starch. However, sometimes it is added with additives such as glitter or scent adding more excitement to its role as play material.

Here, I Hamad, at my slime shop in Dubai, would like to take you through a fun-filled session of crafting scented slime which will enable you to make it on your own at home.

Different Types of Slime Scents

First, let us try to figure out the two different methods from which slime scents are made. These are oil-based scents and baking spice scents. Even though you could get scented slimes from the best online slime shops making scented slime on your own is a unique experience in itself.

Speaking of scented slimes oil-based scents are created from essential oils. These oils derived from plants, flowers, fruits, or synthetic sources offer a range of fragrances from floral to fruity scents. On the other side baking spices such as cinnamon and ginger add a sweet and spicy note to the slimes which can create a comfortable aroma. If you wish to create slime with intense scents that last longer oil-based scents will be the ideal choice. So here we will have a look at such slime varieties.
Now be ready to dive into a DIY method to create scented slimes.

Materials Needed

Slime making supplies include white school glue ( you can make clear slime with clear glue), liquid starch, essential oils or fragrance oil of your choice ( Lavender, citrus, and vanilla are some options), a mixing bowl and spoon along with an airtight container for storing slime.

Slime Making

Take a cup of clear glue or white glue in the mixing bowl. Add additives such as food coloring if required. In to this mixture add the required fragrance oil. Start with a few drops and add quantity as per your requirement of aroma. As a slime chef running a slime shop in Dubai, I love the scent to be on the moderate side as usually preferred by my customers. Once the required scents have been added add the liquid starch as an activator. Stir the mixture while adding an activator until the mixture becomes a cohesive unit. Then it is time to knead and adjust the slime until the required texture is obtained. Please try to keep it in a closed container when not in use to avoid drying up the slime.

The major difference in making scented slimes using baking spices by the best online slime shops is that they are added after finishing the slime. As you have rightly observed here we used scented slime making supplies, such as essential oils, before adding the activators.

As the youngest slime chef in the world, I’m certain that my fellow slime lovers have mastered a DIY approach to scented slime making by now. You can also try innovating into slime varieties such as fluffy slime which is made by adding additives such as shaving cream or foaming soap into the basic recipe mentioned above. Try using different activators, different levels of fragrances, and the thickness to slimes to make fun of slime cooking.

In case you find it convenient to go for a slime-making kit, at my slime shop in Dubai which is called Hamad Slime Chef you can make an order online. If you would like to enjoy a slime dish perfectly cooked you can also opt for our varied choices of slime dishes.

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